Relaxing service to suit your personal preference from firm to a light touch using a quality oil applying your preferred touch over your back, neck, arms, legs, glutes and All over the front of your body leaving you feeling both exhilarated and satisfied at the end. fit, friendly, masc, good looking asian guy.

輕鬆的服務,以適合您的個人喜好,從堅固到輕觸,使用優質的油,在您的背部,頸部,手臂,腿部,臀部和身體前方使用您的首選觸摸,讓您感到既愉快又滿意。 平均身材,友好,男性化,好看的亞洲人。

Features :

Aromatherapy-- 60 mins - HKD 500
 -- 90 mins - HKD 800
Outcall service-- 90 mins - HKD 1000
Facial treatment-- 60 mins - HKD 500
(Cleansing, scrub, massage, intensive moisturizing mask)
Foot scrub & wash -- 15 mins - HKD 200
Abdominal punching -- 15 mins - HKD 200
Amenities for your enjoyment - luxury shower jel, luxury towel, hair wax, face cream, mouth wash, deodorant
Amenities at room - smelling fresh candle, standard massage table, hot/cool air, down tempo/chill out music


芳香療法-- 60分鐘 - 500港幣
 -- 90分鐘 - 800港幣
上門服務-- 90分鐘 - 1000港幣
面部護理-- 60分鐘 - 500港幣
足部磨砂和清洗-- 15分鐘 - 200港幣
腹部衝刺-- 15分鐘 - 200港幣
您享受的設施- 豪華淋浴凝膠,豪華毛巾,髮蠟,面霜,漱口水,除臭劑
房間設施- 聞起來清新的蠟燭,標準的按摩床,熱/涼的空氣,節奏/放鬆的音樂